“Judge Vocke is an outstanding mediator. I have had the opportunity to mediate several cases with Judge Vocke. He possesses the knowledge, fairness, and empathy to efficiently get cases resolved. I rate Judge Vocke as one of my top mediators and highly recommend him.”

Wayne R. Luck, Attorney – Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Appleton, WI

 “As a plaintiff legal malpractice lawyer I am of the view that having an ex-Judge act as your mediator is a must. Judge Vocke  is a highly effective mediator, and I would recommend him to mediate any type of civil litigation.”

Patrick H. O’Neill, Attorney – O’Neill & Murphy LLP, St. Paul, MN

“I have successfully used Judge Vocke as a mediator. He brings a friendly persuasiveness to the process that facilitates parties reaching a resolution of their issues. Judge Vocke is knowledgeable in the law and quickly grasps both legal and tactical issues facing the litigants. He points out the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s case as part of the process. He has credibility with both the plaintiff and defense attorneys, and insurance adjusters, and provides an honest insight to the litigants.”

James A. Johnson, Attorney – Cannon and Dunphy SC, Brookfield, WI

“I’ve used Judge Vocke’s services as a mediator and was literally astounded by his ability to bring together my clients and the other party to resolve the case. Literally no one thought these parties could agree on anything. I suggest Judge Vocke as a mediator in all my cases when the need arises.”

James D. McKenzie, Attorney – McKenzie & Talaska PC, Bessemer, MI

“Tim is an excellent mediator. He always shows up well prepared and gives every matter, large or small, the same attention. I think his vast experience as a plaintiff’s lawyer, a defense lawyer, and a judge enable him to recognize the strength and weakness of each side. He has been very successful getting matters settled for the lawyers in our firm.”

Terrance Davczyk, Attorney – Davczyk & Varline LLC, Wausau, WI

“Judge Tim Vocke has practiced in North Central Wisconsin for more than 30 years representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Unlike many mediators, Judge Vocke has also served as a circuit court judge, which requires total neutrality. Judge Vocke’s experience as an attorney and former judge makes him a natural as a mediator. Without reservation, I recommend Judge Vocke as a mediator for all types of matters in litigation including personal injury, property damage, and business litigation matters.”

John R. Shull, Jr., Attorney – Terwillager, Wakeen, Piehler & Conway SC, Wausau, WI

“It’s been my experience that Timothy Vocke is a very effective Mediator. I would highly recommend him.”

A. Dennis Cossi, Attorney – Cossi Law Office, Ironwood, MI

“I highly recommend Tim Vocke for ADR matters. Tim’s tenacious and “never give up” attitude in difficult cases is what’s needed to bring these cases to a successful resolution. In a very tough municipal case I was involved in Tim Vocke served as the mediator. I never thought the case could settle due to a very difficult Defendant. However, as a result of Tim’s hard work and creativity in fashioning a settlement agreement between the parties, we were able to bring the case to a resolution. Tim Vocke’s knowledge of the law and his tough work ethic will bring about a successful resolution to your case.”

John C. Houlihan, Attorney – Houlihan Law Firm SC, Minocqua, WI

“I highly recommend Judge Vocke as a mediator. He is neutral, courteous, and respectful. He commands respect from the parties and the attorneys. Given his vast judicial experience, he can take control of contentious situations, facilitate discussion, and lead people to mutually beneficial solutions that may not be possible in court. I trust Judge Vocke to mediate any dispute and would recommend him to anyone.”

Christopher J. MacGillis, Attorney – MacGillis Wiemer LLC, Wauwatosa, WI

“I have had the opportunity to work with Judge Vocke on several mediations for my divorce clients. I would respectfully state that the mediation services provided by Judge Vocke were instrumental in resolving highly contentious cases. These services were outstanding and I would recommend Judge Vocke as a mediator to any party that would require one.”

Wright C. Laufenberg, Attorney – Laufenberg Law Offices LLC, Merrill, WI

“Judge Vocke mediated two of my cases recently. Both were complex cases and both were settled. He follows through, gets the job done and is recognized by the plaintiff and defense bar as a fair and effective mediator. I plan on suggesting him again for my cases.”

Will Techmeier, Attorney – The Cochran Firm – Wisconsin LLP, Milwaukee, WI

“I’ve found Judge Vocke to be prepared, in control, and very effective in both mediations and arbitrations.”

Jerry Tlusty, Attorney – Tlusty & Kennedy SC, Schofield, WI