Judge Vocke charges $175.00 per hour for reviewing materials, preparing for a hearing, and attending a hearing. There is no fee for intake, setting up a file, scheduling conferences, or any of the other standard contacts between the parties and him as the neutral. He does not charge an hourly fee for travel time. Other expenses related to travel are charged, such as overnight accommodations (if necessary), meals, and mileage.

Arrangements can be made to hold the hearing at the location of one of the parties, of witnesses, a neutral venue such as a hotel, or elsewhere as the parties agree. Unless other arrangements are made, the parties are responsible for splitting fees and expenses evenly. If the hearing is held at a Courthouse or an attorney’s office, rather than renting a conference room at a hotel, costs can be lessened.

Judge Vocke’s schedule is flexible, and he only books one hearing per day so that he can devote as much time to the participants as they need to solve their matter.